“24 Etudes For Easy Guitar” by Joe Hart – Are you tired of playing “songs” that don’t even sound like songs? Or single-note scraps of melody? Here are 24 beautiful etudes that guitarists of every level can play! Impress your friends and relatives!! $15.00 (plus S+H)


Coming Soon: “24 Caprices for Bass Guitar” by Joe Hart – Tired of bass guitar exercises that are just scales up and down? Or things that don’t even sound like anything? Here are 24 wonderful caprices that players of every level will enjoy! Get playing now!! $15.00 (plus S+H)


“Hicklebug Goes to School” by Joe Hart – Follow the adorable Hicklebug as she goes to school for the first time and learns the value of friendship. This children’s book is easy enough to read for the first-time reader and is beautifully illustrated for kids of all ages! $10.00 (plus S+H)



“Slugs Are Yummy!” by Joe Hart – The ickiest, funniest, silliest book about eating slugs EVER!! Laugh with your child while you both enjoy these gooey poems. But remember… DO NOT eat any slugs!!! $10.00 (plus S+H)


“Guitar Playing Made Incredibly Easy” by Joe Hart – Learn from Joe’s almost 30 years of playing experience and over 20 years of teaching. Tired of those wimpy 28-page books written by some old guy? Sick of working on useless songs like “Round-up on the B String” or “Walking D’s”? Want to cut right to the important stuff? Then this is the book for you! Over 100 pages of amazing lessons and essential knowledge for every guitarist! $20.00 (plus S+H)


“50 Totally Awesome Guitar Licks” by Joe Hart – Supercharge your playing with 50 great guitar licks! This book not only shows you how to play these amazing licks, but it explains how they can be easily modified to fit your playing style. This book also shows you how to alter the licks so you can come up with your own — the licks are endless! $15.00 (plus S+H)

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