Song List

While the band specializes in the more rockin’ classics, they play everything from 50’s favorites to current hits to dozens of originals ranging from acoustic singer/songwriter material and ballads to hard rock and heavy metal.

Aside from their exciting live show, The Joe Hart Band really excels with their repertoire. They have over 200 songs in their “bag of tricks” and are constantly adding to that list!

The JHB plays classic guitar rock:
Led Zeppelin
Deep Purple
Cheap Trick
Neil Young
Joan Jett
Van Halen
The Guess Who
…and more!

Classic favorites:
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Van Morison
The Who
Pink Floyd
Chubby Checker
…and more!!

Best of the 80’s:
Bon Jovi
The Beastie Boys
Def Leppard
Billy Squier
…and more!!!

Funky tunes:
Wild Cherry
Stevie Wonder
The Romantics
…and more!!!!

Lost classics:
Blue Oyster Cult
Paper Lace
…and more!!!!!

There are just WAY TOO MANY to list here!! You name it, they’ll play it!!!! Tell them what you want to hear and they will learn it for the next show!!!